Served in the volunteer battalion and later in the police battalion “Kyiv-2” member of the ATO Adam Osmayev and his wife Amina Okueva, as well as other participants of criminal proceedings on the fact of assassination attempt on their lives, under heavy guard units of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine.

“All participants in criminal proceedings to ensure their safety provided by heavy security, which is carried out in units of the interior Ministry”, – reported on Sunday in the Main Department of the National police in Kyiv, noting that “therefore, the police needs the help of outsiders”.

However, according to a capital Central Board of police, have no relation to the investigation people are spreading on the Internet message calling people to join the protection of volunteers .

“Inform the police of Kiev is not in need of any assistance in ensuring the safety of all participants of criminal proceedings! However, note: the people who will appear at protected persons and are not related to their treatment and conduct of investigative actions will be immediately delivered to the police Department, where after testing, their actions will be given a legal assessment”, – stated in the Department of national police in Kiev.

To avoid any misunderstanding of the Metropolitan police are asked to abide by in these cases rules of law.

As reported, on June 1 in Kiev, an assassination attempt on members of ATU, who served in the ranks of the police battalion “Kyiv-2”, A. Osmaev and A. Okueva. According to the police, the assailant, the man who introduced himself as a foreign journalist, in advance agreed with their spouses about the meeting. “When they got into the car, unknown persons took out of the box gun Glock and shot in the chest Osmayev. In response to Amina from your pistol fired several shots at the shooter,” reads the police report. The attacker discovered the passport of citizen of Ukraine in the name of Alexander the Dakar.

Militiamen consider as the main version of the crime Patriotic position of the spouses. Upon attempt at murder of two and more persons began criminal proceedings according to article 15 of part 2 of article 115 of the Criminal code of Ukraine. Another version of the assassination – murder, prepared by the Russian security services, said MP from the faction “people’s front”, Advisor to the Minister of internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko.

At the same time, the security Service of Ukraine there is no confirmed information about the involvement of Russian secret services to the assassination. “At the moment we have no data, first evidence,” – said the Deputy chief of GU SBU in Kiev and Kiev region Pavel Dyukov at the briefing on 2 June.

As of morning on June 2, condition A. Osmaev and had to attempt it stable with some positive dynamics, said the doctor of the Kyiv city clinical hospital No. 17 Mr Galik. In the morning the doctor reported that the victims in the intensive care unit on artificial lung ventilation.

In February 2012, A. Osmaev was arrested in Odessa law enforcement bodies of Ukraine on suspicion of committing an explosion in the Odessa apartment. The investigation also suspected that he along with an accomplice was preparing an attempt on the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. In September of 2013 in Russia was sentenced to 10 years in prison, a second defendant in the case, Ilya Pyanzin, which Ukraine has extradited to Russia.

The European court of human rights recommended that Ukraine not to extradite Osmayev A. Russia, then Ukraine has decided to suspend the extradition process. November 19, 2014 after more than 2.5 years of imprisonment, he was released from custody.

In February 2015, A. Osman became the new battalion commander named Dudayev after the death of ISA Munayev.