The presenter gave the answer Kurban Omarov. Earlier, the businessman has called cusanelli be responsible for the insults to his wife Ksenia Borodina.

In a recent issue of “Let them talk” Otar Kushanashvili ironically spoke about Ksenia Borodina, calling it dubious moral authority. The husband of TV presenter, Kurban Omarov, defended his wife and called cusanelli the answer, according to “Russian conversation”.

Recently, the TV host responded to the threat of businessman. He called the fight with the star of “House-2” trifling and even childish. “I have no time for teenage quarrels, resentment, sucked from the finger, I’m too smart for this, too good for this nonsense”, – said the journalist in his microblog.

He also assured that he is not hiding from Omarova. He just didn’t have time for conversation because of the constant employment on the set of “Natural selection” .

Recall Kurban Omarov said that Otar Kushanashvili began to hide from him after insults to his wife. It caused the presenter to “male” conversation.