Lev Shlosberg

A man in Russia do not own anything.

The main reason why Putin, the Russian government and after them, the regional authorities have decided (allow) to soften the regime of restrictions in the work of entrepreneurs, while simultaneously tightening restrictions for the citizens (employees and consumers) is a categorical unwillingness to spend money budget to support private business. Business not associated with the authorities.

This solution is not human (lack of empathy) and not economic (error in calculations), it is a corporate decision and, paradoxically, value. Its cause lies in the fact that the authorities do not perceive the budget as public money and property business as a real private property, real value.

Disrespect for private property and private labour, the personal contribution of the person in national welfare is one of the foundations of the system of state coordinates the Russian authorities.

National income is concentrated in the budget is not a government universal national treasure. The money earned by the private sector, are in their understanding of the national wealth is not a value that requires state protection. The origin of the money in private possession in the understanding of the Russian authorities is not an inherent result of personal labour and is the result of the mercy of the authorities.

The only real owner of all property located in the territory of Russia, the authorities consider themselves. Taxes they perceive as their corporate income. The property of others they perceive as temporary, politically and legally null and void, which at any moment can be taken away in any way, primarily with the use of state violence.

Therefore, authorities is normal to stop the operation of the company and to require the owners to pay for the labor gone to a forced leave of workers to pay taxes (even if not immediately), to comply with all input restrictions and to pay the costs of these prohibitions.

A man in Russia do not own anything, including the fact that he created with his own hands. So when hundreds of thousands of people crashing their lives, the government is not just indifferent to those who ask for help, they are arrogant and picky: the business community, they don’t see like-minded people, are not equal and protected by law of citizens who are not the owners of social wealth, and other people applying for the corporate money of the bureaucracy.

The collapse of private business is not in the eyes of the authorities, the collapse of the economy because they do not perceive as a private matter public matter, because in their understanding of the economy is what is directly controlled by the state, and all the rest is immaterial particular.

In a crisis situation such power save that from which consider themselves to be really dependent, and indifferent to the deaths of thousands of Islands an independent economic life.

Like never before, now in private business in Russia is suffering a part of civil society. It is society in this situation, the society, mainly poor people should be protection of private business to the authorities. Because every ordinary person is contributing to the national welfare and contribute important here is not the amount but the principle of complicity.

This personal engagement gives people the opportunity and the right to feel part of the oppressed and disenfranchised of the private world, earning not only his bread, but the state of the scepter and Orb. Business and ordinary citizens is now in the same sinking boat. Need to scrape together.

Lev Shlosberg, Facebook