Anatoly Pakhomov

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SOCHI, March 9. /Offset. TASS Tatyana Polinyuk/. The authorities of Sochi to host the 2018 world Cup football plan to more than double the number of children involved in the football sections of the sports schools – from 800 to 2,500. This was announced on Thursday at the celebration of 100 days before the confederations Cup, the mayor of Sochi Anatoly Pakhomov.

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Soviet footballer Yevgeny Lovchev will be the Ambassador for Sochi at the 2018 world Cup

“By 2018, we expect that in sports schools football in Sochi will be engaged more than 2,500 children, there are appropriate conditions”, – said Pakhomov.

For the promotion of football in Sochi schools solved on a regular basis to conduct lessons on this sport. In celebration of the landmark date in Thursday’s first thematic lesson was held in all 67 schools of the city, it was attended by over 6 thousand students from 1st to 11th grades .

The town has its own professional football team – club “Sochi”. In plans of the authorities of the resort to form the second part of the club from among the local citizens, who play in the city’s Amateur teams.

In Sochi will have its own team playing the dolphins

100 days before the confederations Cup football in dolphinariums in the Spa Park “Riviera” was a match between the dolphins and sea lions, and team spectators. As reported correspondent. TASS at the Dolphinarium, to the confederations Cup, the inhabitants of the pool to learn to play football professionally. “While there are training, but after 100 days our aquatic athletes will be able to play not worse professionals”, – said the representative of the Dolphinarium.

Marine mammals have demonstrated not only the skill in the ability to handle the ball, but also a good physical form.

On Thursday in Krasnodar region started the project “the Whole Kuban plays football!”. During the year competitions for the best journalistic work on the football theme, a photo contest and the competition of artists on the Internet platforms will be held in all municipalities and district centers of the region.

Football was played by the veterans of the two countries

On the football field near the Palace of sports “Ice cube” in the Olympic Park will host a friendly match of football veterans of the once famous Sochi football club “Pearl” and sports veterans from the neighboring Republic of Abkhazia. Special guest – Soviet football player, honored master of sports of Russia Evgenie Lovchev. To comment on the match will be the singer Sergey Krylov. The match will take place on the signing of the agreement on the appointment of Eugene Lovchev Ambassador of Sochi – the host city of world Cup 2018.

The matches of the confederations Cup will be held in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi and Kazan from 17 June to 2 July 2017.