Palina Sharenda-Panasyuk

Now there are all legal grounds.

The activist of the civil campaign “European Belarus” Brest Palina Sharenda-Panasyuk commented the sensational confessions of the ex-fighters Sobra Yuri Gaevskogo, said “Deutsche Welle” that 20 years ago he was involved in the abductions and murders of Belarusian opposition — opponents of Lukashenka.

– How do you assess the fact that for the first time spoke as a witness and, indeed, the accomplice of the massacres of political opponents of the regime in Belarus?

– Of course – it’s huge! After 20 years, it is still surfaced, a lot of people waiting. In principle, even 20 years ago people were saying that sooner or later it will become known. And now we have witnessed such major advances.

Something big is going down in this swamp, just beginning such loud statements and recognition of those people who stood at the cradle of this dictatorship that shaped this dictatorship, cleaned Lukashenka’s political opponents.

– How can the events develop, given the fact that Garevski called the names of the highest officials of Belarus and said about the motives of Lukashenko, who is Viktor Gonchar were “100% dirt”?

– First and foremost, you need to state that Lukashenko is the customer of these political murders. Already the ancient Romans said, “look for those who benefits,” and here it is clear that the benefit from the elimination of opponents was only Lukashenko. Of course, that now, after this recognition, we have all legal grounds to initiate criminal proceedings against Lukashenko.

This should be done at the international level, because killing politicians is a crime that qualifies as an international crime. Belarusian society, people need to demand that this story has reached the international court of justice. The process should be like Milosevic and other Serbian military criminals to the Hague. The only way it should be after the statement of the former SOBR fighter.

– How do you assess the fact that these confessions made precisely now, when the recent election campaign revealed the extreme discontent of the Belarusians with his rule?

– I think that, for Belarusians, it is good that the statement was made. This opens up other possibilities, this allows the Belarusian public to demand a formal criminal investigation. And of course it gives a legal basis for Lukashenko had no right to go to the next presidential term.

Here it is interesting that many Western politicians have already ruined his image, because these political murders became known not yesterday, not after the statement. Those who met him, I think a long time about all they knew. And now the politicians who met with the dictator, look really bad. Murder can not be justified by any mercantilist “concerns” about Belarus. “We support Lukashenko that Belarus does not fall into Russia” – is now no excuse for wanting to meet with the customer of murders.

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