Palm Sunday


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Ukraine news: With palm Sunday begins the last Holy week of fasting.

Palm Sunday or the day of the entrance of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem Christians celebrate a week before Easter. As this transition a Church holiday, the date of its celebration every year is different. The “Today” wrote that in 2018, we celebrate Easter on April 8, that is, palm Sunday falls on 1 April.

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Palm Sunday 2018: as noted by the Ukrainians

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With palm Sunday begins the last Holy week of fasting. To this day it is customary to congratulate each other, to attend service and to sanctify willow twigs. They symbolize the palm branches that greeted Jesus ‘ entry into Jerusalem before his crucifixion. It is believed that the willow branches will protect the house from fires and floods, and its owners – from disease, poverty and misery .

Palm Sunday 2018: what not to do

  • On this day you can not work: clean, cook, sew;
  • Discard active entertainment, as well as alcohol (you can afford a little wine);
  • As in the other days of lent, do not eat foods of animal origin (can eat fish);
  • You should try to move away from the hustle and bustle, to be cleansed spiritually, to pray and prepare for Holy week.