On the sixth Sunday of lent (in year 2020 is April 12), Christians of the Eastern rite celebrate palm Sunday. It’s the last day before Holy week – the period of the strictest fasting. This holiday has many traditions, superstitions and restrictions.

This year’s celebration of palm Sunday, especially the Church, need to be adjusted due to quarantine restrictions due to pandemic coronavirus.

The history of the holiday

According to legend, on this day Jesus arrived in Jerusalem, where local residents welcomed him as the Messiah, and littered the path of the Savior with palm branches. The reason for this was the resurrection of Jesus dead Lazarus. The news quickly spread among the people. Palm Sunday marks the beginning of the sufferings of Jesus, that humanity had a hope for eternal life.

Palm Sunday
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In the Christian Church, the feast began to celebrate the mid-ninth century. Initially, the celebration was rather modest, but over time, palm Sunday was one of the 12 most important religious holidays. In some countries, people still go on this holiday to the streets with palm branches. But in Ukraine, they were replaced by willow twigs. Hence the name of the holiday – palm Sunday.