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Credit holidays, Easter in the UOC-MP, the demand for Ukrainian workers, death before discharge from the hospital.

Корреспондент.net gathered the most relevant and important information about the Chinese Covid coronaviruses-19 on April 14, 2020.


The situation in Ukraine

– In Ukraine recorded 3372 case of coronavirus disease, 98 of them fatal, 119 patients recovered. A day recorded 270 new cases, including 65 among health care workers.

– The first month entered the Cabinet quarantine the Ukrainian economy and banking system were rather quietly, came to the conclusion in the national Bank.

– Ukraine has about 30 banks announced the provision of vacation credit to its customers.

– The UOC-MP will conduct the Paschal services, in spite of quarantine, but the believers will be on the street. Meanwhile, the number of people infected with coronavirus Ministers of this Church grows.

– The health Ministry plans to introduce new test at the end of samotracia, which will show the presence of antibodies to see whether ill persons coronavirus without symptoms. When it’s in who say that not all recovered find antibodies.

16 APR control at the entrance to Kiev will increase.

– The cause of an outbreak of the coronavirus in the Nikolaev area became religious rituals at home and the failure to quarantine, said local authorities.

The world Bank will give Ukraine $ 135 million on health and pandemic coronavirus.

– In neighbouring countries, in connection with the beginning of seasonal work, the demand for Ukrainian labour migrants is so great that governments are willing to pay for Charter flights and paperwork for them, said the head of the foreign Ministry of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba.

In the most optimistic scenario, travel around the world unable to recover before the end of this summer, said the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

The nutritionist told as quarantine dangerous to health and increases the risk of developing diabetes and cancer.

– The largest pharmaceutical company Darnitsa, Ukraine received state registration of the drug hydroxychloroquine, which is experimentally used for the treatment of coronavirus.

The fall of Ukraine’s economy this year will be 7.7 percent, but is expected to recover to 3.6 percent, the report said the International monetary Fund.

In Ivano-Frankivsk died 64-year-old patient with a coronavirus, which was already preparing to be discharged.


The situation in the world

– The situation with the spread of the coronavirus in some countries began to improve, however, the peak of the pandemic in the world is not made up, said the official representative of the who, Margaret Harris at a press briefing in Geneva. According to her, 90 percent of all new HIV infections were diagnosed in Europe and the United States.

– In Poland from 19 April plan “to slowly unfreeze the economy,” which stopped due to the pandemic. In the first stage will also be opened hairdressing and beauty – with a limit on simultaneous clients. When it introduced the compulsory wearing of masks in public places.

– France has extended the withdrawal until may 11. As stated by the President Emmanuel macron, France was not ready for such a crisis.

– All patients with coronavirus in Greenland has recovered. This is the first case in the world.

– In the Chinese district of Suifenhe bordering Primorsky territory of the Russian Federation, created a new hospital for infected with the coronavirus. A large part of imported cases of the coronavirus in China – among returnees from Russia.

– Spain open a so-called Noah’s ark hotels where it is possible to do a period of isolation on a voluntary basis. Will have to pay only for the meals.

What happens with the economy

– Two-thirds of companies around the world are preparing for a recession, and clients are confident that the worst is yet to come, so costs must be reduced, the study says BCG.

– The international monetary Fund predicts the global economy will decline by three percent in 2020 – much stronger than in 2009, when the global economy contracted by 0.08 percent.

– The cost of the futures on Brent crude oil with delivery in June of this year on the ICE exchange in London fell by 5.5 per cent to 29.94 per barrel. The last time she was on this level on 3 April.

– On the background of the gradual weakening of quarantine measures in Europe, automakers resume work, promising to take measures to protect employees from the coronavirus. In the last days this was stated by Audi, Renault, Mercedes and Volkswagen.

Dead and infected

According to current data of the Johns Hopkins University, just caught more than 1.9 million people.

The largest number of confirmed cases remain in the USA (584 thousand). Spain is in second place (172 thousand), Italy – third (159,5 thousand), France fourth (kzt137. 8 thousand), Germany – fifth (130 thousand).


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