Arab sources claim that the cause of the accident in service with Saudi Arabia, American helicopter UH-60 Black Hawk was hit by a rocket fired from the “Shell-C1” with the UAE.

That the American helicopter production has become a target of Russian anti-aircraft complex, according to several Arab sources, however, official confirmation of this information is still not received, transmits “Russian conversation”.

According to unconfirmed reports, collapsed on Yemen military helicopter was shot down by the Saudis with the United Arab Emirates, and the missile for the helicopters was not a planned action – the tragedy allegedly occurred because of a miscommunication with the Saudis ground units UAE.

In favor of this version of development of events and said that UAE Russian “armor” – in the period from 2009 to 2013, the country has adopted fifty-air missile .

We will remind, the helicopter of the armed forces of Saudi Arabia crashed APR 18, in Yemen. Killing all aboard twelve people, including four officers.