Last Sunday’s LGBT pride parade “Odessa pride – 2017” was completed without significant violations of public order.

The press service of the Main Directorate of Ukraine in Odessa region the statement on the results of the parade announced that, in connection with the holding of other events along the route of the “March of equality” and to avoid conflicts and ensure the safety of the citizens and guests of the city militiamen were forced to reduce the direction of movement of the participants.

As reported, from 150 to 200 participants of the parade were going to go through the Primorsky Boulevard from the Vorontsov Palace to the building of the Odessa city Council. However, in the middle of the road the road was blocked by ideological opponents of the right-wing organizations. The police prevented clashes, however, and pass on the protesters could not. In protest, they sat down around the monument to Duke de Richelieu. An hour later, the protest ended because of the heat . Activists of the event were taken away in buses.