Photo: Valery sharifulin/TASS

What threatens Russia the celebration of Victory day 24 June.

20 may in mass media there were messages that the Russian authorities are considering the 24 of June as a possible date for the traditional annual parade (postponed because of the epidemic of the coronavirus may 9) aligning with the vote on the amendments to the Constitution. A symbolic date — 75 years ago this day took place the famous Victory parade, which included the element of Roman military rituals. The planned screening of the documentary about him on the main TV channels. Hopes of the Kremlin in active voting on amendments after this event is clear. But the epidemic of the coronavirus that caused the disease of the participants in training, does not subside. Is it possible to prepare such a difficult event to June 24?

Based on the experience of training parades on May 9 in the form in which we saw them the last ten years, it consists of the following steps. Training in parts to catch as of May 9, starts in February. Military begin training for one hour a day on the parade ground on four accounts, with a waved hand by the numbers of movements in the composition of the garrison box. This is the Stroy of participants: 20 people wide and ten deep or twenty twenty.

Throughout March, they go ranks to learn how to sustain the eyes in them. In late March, participants from parts all over Russia will take on a special parade ground in Alabino. It is a graphically lined plot, repeating the dimensions and configuration of the red square.

Prada dress rehearsal in Alabino, April 2019. Photo: RIA Novosti

The parade will consist of three parts: the pedestrian column, power column and the combined orchestra (up to 15 bands of different parts are reduced to a single orchestra). Pass band is a very important and labor-intensive element of the parade, requiring painstaking practice. By April 1, all are housed in special barracks near the site.

Participants from the surrounding garrisons, cadets of military schools and the students of the academies bring to joint training on the buses. Their participation is planned so that not too damaging to the learning process. For example, the Frunze Academy traditionally shaped his box in the driveway of the girl’s Field.

The joint training held usually a couple times a week, boxes remember their places on the square and in line. The number of participants from year to year varies. Last year there were about 13 thousand.

No less important is the rehearsal of the mechanized column, which also starts in February in parts. The participants rehearse the position of the head in a military salute, all hatches should be opened uniformly, etc worked through a simultaneous start by radio: team 300 — squeezed the main clutch, 30 — gear, 3 — depressed the clutch. In practice, the simultaneous beginning of the movement of the entire convoy — a difficult exercise. Smooth movement without breaking distances is fulfilled already in the Pacific. Then there are several dress rehearsals, after which the appointed night rehearsals in Moscow. They usually, sometimes two.

Parade-2020 was canceled, it was postponed. The skills that participants have already received in the parts and in the suburbs, are preserved. Formal calculations regarding ready, their composition and number had not changed. In fact, the army had a forced break in training that began in February. They should be continued no later than the first of June, if the command wants to make it to the twenty-fourth. In addition, the defense Ministry announced in military schools holidays. How will the passing of students, is not yet clear.

The challenge is to somehow avoid the fact the number of diseases coronavirus, which were obtained in March-April in the garrison boxes and barracks of the Pacific. After all, past experience has exposed the rather flippant attitude of the organizers to the epidemic. The steps taken should be called half-measures in schools and academies listeners was put on quarantine, and teachers every evening he went home in the town. At the joint rehearsals were walking without masks, as reported by various sources.

Theoretically, on renewed training it is possible to avoid all contacts between different boxes, which live separately. Inside each box (up to 400 people) the military has no choice as only to wash hands thoroughly and rinse your mouth and nasal cavity after a workout.

These measures can reduce the mass of contamination, but to avoid unlikely.

The statistical term “reach a plateau”, designed to reassure citizens that there is a better understanding in the true sense of the epidemic is in full swing.

Until June 24 remains five weeks, two and a half quarantine period. If you start reinforced rehearsals no earlier than two weeks before the parade, an infection can be replaced from the created in advance and involved in the rehearsals of the reserve. Well, who gets sick the day before, will be sick after the passage of a solemn March on red square along with everyone who managed to pass the infection. Other logic with the compulsory execution of the order of the Supreme commander in terms of the epidemic from the military should not wait. Because if you start the total workout right from the main entrance of the calculation of sickness can retire many. As if it all came down with a cough and temperature. Apparently, the final decision in the Kremlin, and therefore not accepted.

Valery Shiryaev, “the New newspaper”