In one Tomilinskiy secondary school No. 19 in Moscow there was a scandal because of the fact that the teacher of physical culture Yuliya Ryvkina posted in the social network revealing photos. However, colleagues supported the 25-year-old teacher.

Julia has published photos in which she dances on
the bar night club, taking candid poses and posing with bottles of alcohol
and cigarettes. Some parents found this behavior unacceptable and
demanded to dismiss the girl, reports “Russian conversation”.

The views of the public on this issue were divided. Chapter
Association of parental committees and communities of Russia Olga Letkova supported
outraged parents, saying that the behavior of the teacher goes beyond
standards. She believes that public life, teachers need
watch out not less than in the pages of their students in social networks. To offending Letkova
offers to take action, from sanctions to dismissal .

But other teachers of the school No. 19 was supported by young teacher. According to them, Julia – very good specialist, and the photos taken after hours, nothing to do with her work have not. In my spare time, I think colleagues Ryvkina, she has the right to relax as they want.

Add that Julia is not only the teacher but also the class teacher of the 7th grade.