Changes in state building standards (GOS) on the design of the car parks operated on the roofs of shopping centers (TEC) will enter into force on 1 July 2019, the press service of the Deputy Minister of regional development, construction and regional development and housing of Leo Partskhaladze.

“The new changes in building regulations on the design of Parking lots and garages are allowed to place the car Parking operated on the roofs of public buildings and structures. For example, retail and shopping centers, office and other structures. With the exception of the building of kindergartens, schools and buildings of the hospitals wards. The rule comes into force on 1 July”, – the press-service.

The facility must have emergency exits, but also take into account the requirements of the GOS “Planning and development of territories” of the fire of the distances to the adjacent development and the rules of electrical devices. To place temporary shelters for vehicles at such facilities is prohibited.

Changes in GOS V. 2.3-15-2007 “Parking lots and garages for cars” developed by PJSC “kyivzniiep”.




#the Ministry of regional development