The law on anti-corruption courts should be adopted by Parliament until mid-June of 2017, and the work of such courts must begin before the end of March 2018, said in the published text of the Memorandum with the International monetary Fund.

According to published Tuesday on the website of the IMF the text of the Memorandum, to ensure that the prosecution of acts of corruption by senior officials in Ukraine to receive specialized and priority of a judicial answer you must use the system anti-corruption courts.

With this end, to mid-April 2017, you must submit appropriate legislation to the Ukrainian Parliament, and it is expected that this legislative initiative will be adopted by Parliament until mid-June of 2017, identified benchmark of cooperation with the IMF.

Legislation should include provisions to ensure the budgetary autonomy and adequate system security, anti-corruption courts and to establish the process of selecting judges in these courts . The Memorandum stresses the importance of the selection process were independent and credible by the public.

Candidates for judge anti-corruption court will have to not only have an impeccable reputation, professional qualities, but also have the appropriate specific skills necessary for handling cases related to corruption.

In this regard, the legislation should set out the procedure, including tests and tasks to assess specific skills of candidates that will be evaluated by the High qualifications Commission of judges of Ukraine (VCXO) with the support of experts (including international) “recognized ethical standards” and the experience of the investigation or the court’s decisions in the sphere of fight against corruption.

According to the document, the candidacy of anti-corruption judges will be submitted VCXO, and presented to the High Council of justice the President of Ukraine for appointment until mid-January 2018.

He anti-corruption court should begin its activity by the end of March 2018.