Lev Parnas

The U.S. President has canceled a September visit to Poland not because of the hurricane, and to put pressure on the Ukrainian leader, said Leo Parnassus.

The President of the United States Donald trump cancelled a visit to Poland, citing the hurricane, but actually wanted this gesture to put pressure on President Vladimir Zelensky. This was said by a close associate of a personal lawyer of the President of Donald trump Lev Parnas in a televised interview with MSNBC.

“President trump had to personally meet with Zelensky in Poland. But he used the hurricane as an excuse. It wasn’t because of the hurricane. But because he was angry that Zelensky is still not made attempts and have not made efforts to make the announcement (about the investigation into Biden and the investigation of interference in Ukraine elections – ed.)” – says Leo Parnassus.

It was reported that Donald trump was supposed to go to Poland, but canceled a visit in connection with the approach of the powerful hurricane Dorian. It was planned that in Poland trump will meet with President of Ukraine Zelensky and politicians will sign a number of documents.

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