© Sergei Savostyanov/TASS

Partner of rostec in the field of information security has become a SKOLKOVO resident company Group-IB.

Resident of the it cluster Fund “SKOLKOVO” company Group-IB deals with the prevention and investigation of high tech crimes. A contract signed with a subsidiary of GK rostekh – National center of Informatization (NCI), which is engaged in the design, development, and implementation of it products, provides for the establishment of a joint venture (JV). Skolkovskaya company JV will provide its technology, ntsi, in turn, agrees to promote the products in the markets of GK “rostec” and will take over operations, including interactions with state authorities, product certification .

The joint venture allows Group-IB to implement for the protection of critical information infrastructure, several technologies: solutions for intrusion detection and TDS Polygon, allowing to be protected including from previously unknown malicious code, as well as to detect and prevent targeted attacks on the network infrastructure of the company before the attackers were able to inflict real damage; system threat intelligence, allowing real-time tracking of the trends in information security threats emanating from the underground community of cyber criminals that are relevant to specific industries; security hospitalof Secure Portal, developed with the support of “SKOLKOVO” counteracting unauthorized access to personal customization, the use of bots (for the selection of passwords and the failure of the online voting), the collection of data on payment cards and other personal data; analytical security systems using big data.

CEO Group-IB Ilya Sachkov considers, that the future JV is a rare example of public-private partnership in which the state understand how the large-scale production, in respect of which it can be implemented cyberthreats, and private company Group-IB knows how to defend them. “The fact that in the end, the Corporation has chosen us to create a joint venture, confirms the uniqueness of the competences and reliability solutions Group-IB. And technological partnership between our companies, taking into account the experience of the centre in the development of information systems would have a synergistic effect and will allow to actually create the Russian equivalent of the Palantir,” – says Ilya Sachkov.

Company Group-IB is negotiating to open several more centers of excellence abroad with the largest international companies. Plans to create such centres in the middle East, Latin America and East Asia, and the USA.

Head of division “security Technology” IT-cluster of SKOLKOVO Foundation Anton Ivanov said that the establishment of a joint venture with the largest Russian industrial holding is an undeniable success for startups, “SKOLKOVO”. “Of course, GK “rostec” adheres to the highest standards in testing companies, which enters into technology partnership. Products Group-IB, including those created with the support of “SKOLKOVO” have already proved their effectiveness, providing early warning of threats at the largest enterprises in Russia and abroad. Now they will provide reliable protection of objects of industrial critical information infrastructure,” – said the head of “Technology of information security” IT-cluster Fund “SKOLKOVO”.

For today Group-IB is one of the leading international companies for the prevention and investigation of cybercrimes and fraud with the use of high technology. The company has the largest crime lab in Eastern Europe, as well as the rapid response center CERT-GiB. Is a permanent member of the world economic forum. In 2017, Group-IB was named by IDC, a market leader in Russia of the study of cyber threats. Among the distinguished international partners – the company Eclectic IQ, Anomali, ThreatConnect.