Putin Valaam monastery

The Russian President spends time in Karelia, and the news from there followed by the whole world.

Vladimir Putin visited Valaam monastery, located on the Islands of the Valaam archipelago in Karelia.

In one of the television programs, sanctifying Putin’s trip came a moment where in the back seat of the car of the President of the Russian Federation was seen, whether the woman, whether his guard.

In the Kremlin say it is security but online discuss speculation about the wives and girlfriends of Putin, who is divorced.

The theme of women Putin after his divorce with his wife is particularly relevant for Russia.

Correspondent.net has gathered information on the pastime of Putin on the Valaam Islands.

Famous moment

TV channel “Zvezda” has shown a plot in which Vladimir Putin himself leads a Mercedes and parked, out of the car and opens the back door. Sitting in the car, the passenger a slight injury that is not going to go . Who is this unknown. But people started to guess.

Putin has arrived to Valaam in the company of an unknown partner.

– Please, profit.
– You see, lunch is free. pic.twitter.com/G5LKrggNZU

— Alex Belenky (@gun1man) 12 Jul 2017

It says Sands

According to the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, it is certainly not a woman, and not a favorite of Putin. He said that the back seat was a security officer. As explained Peskov, Putin opened the door, because something wanted to take off the guard.

What says the Internet

Network people drew attention to the long nails of the passenger of Putin and the red object on hand – a bag, or a red dress. Also many thought that the passenger indicates a television camera and therefore does not want to leave.

However, there is a perception that Putin has opened the door to take his jacket, but my jacket was taken, and showed him the guard, remaining to sit in the car.

The jacket seen in the hands of Fsoshnika the car, he was sitting in the front passenger seat.

Kneeling officer could lie of folds in the velvet, not the bag, as someone thought. In fold in the velvet book is about the life of St. Nicholas of 1911 publication, which gave the President the monastery.

Also observers have noted that the hand out of the car – muscular, though with long nails.

Although, who not only saw already in the back of Putin’s and former President’s wife Lyudmila Putin and Yulia Navalny, and Alina Kabaeva.


Near the island, where he arrived Putin, reporters have noticed a large yacht. As reported in the report to the radio station “Kommersant FM”, the yacht Vladimir Putin “gave the monastery”.

Sands issued a denial. In a press-service of the Valaam monastery, said that the yacht “Pallada” was donated by the Russian company “LUKOIL” in 2005.

Yacht “Pallada”, which journalists have declared Putin’s gift to Balaam, was transferred to the ROC in 2005 годуhttps://t.co/30BGbxFHpt pic.twitter.com/dwjKyNlJgV

— #Govortsova (@govoritmsk) 12 Jul 2017

Yacht “Pallada” was built by the Dutch project until 2005 she was on the balance control of the President of Russia, after which he was purchased by LUKOIL and donated to the monastery. This was reported on the website of the Valaam monastery in 2005.

“This year, the yacht was acquired by the oil company “LUKOIL” especially for the subsequent transfer of the Russian Orthodox Church (…) Considering social responsibility as an integral part of the business, the company is active in charitable activities, aimed at the revival of spiritual culture and the Orthodox tradition of the Fatherland”, — reported the press service of the monastery.

But why the monastery boat?

In the 2015 edition of “City 812” reported that the yacht “Pallada”, exclusive vessel luxury and cost about $4 million, is the head of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill, including visits to the diocese, and the VIP guests of the Valaam monastery.

Press Secretary of Bishop pancratius Mikhail Shishkov said the publication that about VIP guests “nobody knows when they come and go. Guests often arrive under protection, so anyone access to that information is not given”.

What Putin is doing in the Islands?

The Valaam monastery Putin came on the day of the Valaam miracle-workers Sergei and German, as in 2016. On the island, he will spend three days.

The President plans meeting with head of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC).

This is like not very specified. Putin said Cyril? Hands off me get?

Hands off me get it off! https://t.co/tKh3aOPp4o pic.twitter.com/eOUrnalkCl

— Rain channel (@tvrain) 12 Jul 2017