From 9 till 14 of July some people will stand at the crossroads and
try to solve problems related to personal life, reports “Russian
The dialogue”.


Fate will test strength, a lot of meetings, surprises, because of which they can break and cease to trust
others. It is not excluded that will have to worry about the future and how
will be surrounding to this Zodiac sign. Pavel Globa advises not
fear of change and persistence and dedication.


For this sign of the Zodiac, a period when the stars
wish they were in the role of observer. Pavel Globa advises a little
to relax, to work on the backlog of issues and to take action. 11
12 July is the time when you need to do all things that
it will come up. You may have to take risks, but crucial decisions are justified.

At the end of the week, Taureans surround yourself with care
near and dear to the hearts of people.


This week should be devoted to work, but not
overestimate your strength and don’t load yourself with a large amount of work. Astrologer
advises to slow down a bit, after all not make any money. 11 Jul possible
the loss of strength. If you have the opportunity to relax, be sure to discard
work and spend time in peace and quiet, enjoy a health.


Week for this Zodiac sign will not be so
favorably as you want. Possible big misunderstanding with the management. Before
how to do something, the astrologer advises to think well.

Avoid conflicts – quarrels are possible not only on
work but also at home. From 8 to 14 July, all trips will be successful.


This week you will want to change the world and will even
ready to plunge into action, but Globa advises to wait, as there is
the chance not only to quarrel with a loved one, but because of the aggression and
temper may antagonize others.

Until July 14 the lonely Lions will be able to meet on its way
a real and pure love, but not listen to the advice of others.


This sign of the Zodiac, the astrologer promises a lot of unusual meetings and
good singles in the period from 8 to 14 July. It is not excluded a meeting with the person
which will become your mate. Don’t forget about household chores and chat with


This Zodiac sign is quite different
take a look at your life. It is likely that the objectives will be
unattainable because of a bad mood. Do not be discouraged – take a walk,
go to the cinema or a cafe with good company.


This week, these Zodiac signs will not only be able to solve
all their financial problems, but also become a real talisman for many
relatives. Finance will not only increase, but also sometimes to spend money.
Globa urges not to throw money to the wind, but not to be greedy. Shop
with the mind and then they will not bring


The week will be successful in romantic relationships. This is the
the period when the personal life is back on first place, and earnings on the second.
It is not necessary to be diffused, it is necessary to be attentive to everything what is happening
around. Don’t lose your head over a romance, but not curstate heart, devoting
all time earnings.


Week for this Zodiac sign will not be as successful and
happy as it seems at first glance. A jealous and violent temper
forced not only to suffer a loved one, but others as well. Globa advises to give up
from selfish notes and to pay more attention to others.


Will be able to implement and realize your most cherished dreams.
Act decisively and succeed, but don’t listen to negative
comments, which can be an obstacle. My beloved man will give
unforgettable meetings and a lot of romance.


Representatives of this Sign Pavel Globa advises
to focus on Finance. This week is favourable for shopping,
a change of image, update the wardrobe and home. Trips to other cities and countries
will positively influence the mood of the Fish.