Paul Seviarynets

Belarusian politicians told about the first three decisions after the regime change.

The leader of the party Belarusian Christian democracy Pavel Seviarynets was the hero of the new program of the website Studio H97. In an interview, the leading of which was Eugene Klimakin, Belarusian politician told what changes to make in the first place after the change of government.

– You become President. The first three decisions?

The first is the release of political prisoners, the second is to cancel all illegal decrees, stupid orders, that during these 26 years of crippled life of Belarusians.

– What is the ratio of stupid and not stupid?

Stupid lion’s share. The majority of Belarusians understand that all things are invented in order to get them in the pocket or to throw another noose around the neck. Therefore, an important cancellation of the decrees, orders and agreements, including international, who concluded Lukashenko is illegitimate President. None of the elections since 1996 have not been recognized by the international community, therefore, cancel.

Well, in the end, the return of the Constitution of 1994. This is the last legally binding document for Belarus on the basis of which we will carry out constitutional reform.

– In your opinion, how should the fate of the people who helped to keep the regime? For example, Yermoshina, what is it going to happen?

Those who participated in criminal offences, for example, the repression or the illegal retention of power, must answer to the law. Is the criminal code, should be an independent court. And according to the court, no massacres, no indiscriminate decisions, “heads will roll” – no, individually in each case. Because we want the country was not in iniquity, as it is now, and according to the law.

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