As transfers the Russian Dialogue with the link to the website of the theatre “Lenkom”, the body of an elderly actor was found in his apartment. The date and time of farewell and Kolycheva announced. It is known that the death was from natural causes.

Yuri Kolychev was born 15 Dec 1928 in mosoblasti. His father Osip was a poet.

In 1950 Yuri Kolychev graduated from the acting Department of the “Chips”. In 1950-1957 years was acting troupe of the Maly theater.

Since 1957, he served in “Lenkom”. In 1989, he received the title of people’s artist of the RSFSR.

During his career he starred in at least 55 films. Most famous work – “the House that swift built” (1982), “From the life of Potapov” (1985), “Black square” (1992). Also voiced the documentary.

Awarded an order of Honor (1999) and “For merits before Fatherland” IV degree (2008). Marked by gratitude of the President of the Russian Federation (2013).

Earlier it was reported that in Moscow under mysterious circumstances died the pianist Nikita Kuklin.