Rogozin told Putin set about the task of conquering planets.

General Director of “Rosatom” Dmitry Rogozin told about the President of Russia Vladimir Putin the problem of conquering planets. He said it in the video greeting, the cosmonautics Day, according to

Rogozin said that in the beginning of 2020, Putin signed a new edition of the Foundations of state policy in the field of space activities, which contains the task of exploration of other planets of the Solar system. Also in the strategic document refers to the development of scientific space.

According to Rogozin, the Russian space program waits for the transition to the new technology. He explained that the creation of new rockets, a new manned spacecraft and for the conquest of the moon is important not only technology, but people. “We now have to think more about the preparation of a new engineering design class, a new generation of people who can create the material basis of the fact that Russia was still the leader of cosmonautics”, — said General Director of state Corporation.

We will remind that the head of the campaign SpaceX Elon Musk recently wrote on Twitter that the problem of Russian missiles is that they are not suitable for reuse. “Rocket SpaceX is 80% reusable, their [Russian] — 0%. This is an urgent problem,” — wrote a businessman.