Of the 11 billion the authorities managed to return 3.5 billion rubles, said Peskov, informs the Russian Dialogue.

“Just the total amount for the construction of the “East” was allocated 91 billion rubles. Of them mastered 66 billion”
– said the speaker of the Kremlin.

According to him, the first phase was initiated 128 criminal cases, then they
combined the 32 cases.

Earlier, President Vladimir Putin complained of improper distribution
funds in the construction of the “East”.

“A hundred times it was said: work transparently, big money is allocated,
the project is nationwide in its character. No, stealing hundreds
millions, hundreds of millions. Several dozen criminal cases have been opened”,
– said the President of Russia.

The Russian President stressed that order on the object to achieve so far failed. Plans
Kremlin to achieve a total transparency of the expenditure allocated to
the construction of the spaceport assets.

Earlier, Moscow had planned that the “East” will become a place of developing super-heavy
rockets to fly to the moon. In 2018 at the spaceport installed the carrier rocket “Soyuz-2.1 a”.