Petro Poroshenko

The highest voter turnout recorded in the Lviv region.

The Central election Commission has processed 100% of electronic protocols of the second round of the presidential elections in the districts of Lviv and almost 83% in the Lviv region. This is evidenced by data on the CEC website as of 06:47 on April 22, reports

According to the results of counting, in the region leader, the incumbent President Petro Poroshenko. This is the only area in Ukraine, which in the majority supported Petro Poroshenko and has provided the lowest support another presidential candidate , Vladimir Zelensky.

For Petro Poroshenko in Lviv region voted of 63.73% of the vote for Vladimir Zelensky – 33,52% (difference of 30.21% of the vote). Lions spans four single-member constituencies: tio No. 115 (SHEVCHENKIVS’kyi district, part of Lychakiv district of Lviv), tio No. 116 (Railway district, part of the Shevchenko district of Lviv ), tio No. 117 (Galitskiy, frankivskiy district, part of the Shevchenko district of Lviv ) and tio No. 118 (part of the Lychakiv, part of the Shevchenko district of Lviv and pustomitivskiy district). So we have the following results of voting in these districts in Lviv: tio No. 115 – 69,56%.

The number of voters 115 521. Thio № 116 – 70.32%. The number of electors 117 650. Thio № 117 – 64,86%. The number of voters 113 398. Thio № 118 – 74,01%. The number of voters 122 336. Other districts in the Lviv region of support varies from 52-65%. We will remind, the highest voter turnout recorded in the Lviv region, which voted 68,91% of the voters.

The overall turnout in Lviv average of 68.16%. Petro Poroshenko won in any of the Ukrainian regions, except for Lviv (of 63.73% of voters for Poroshenko and 33,52% Zelensky). The closest are the Lviv Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk region, 46,68% 43,07%, respectively. For Vladimir Zelensky in these two areas gave 50,38% of 53.86% of the votes respectively.