Philip scolded Dubcova for the fact that it depicts a duck during the photographing.

Famous singer Irina Dubtsova got from
the king of pop Russian scene Philip Kirkorov directly into social events.
The woman frankly told why the singer remained is dissatisfied in relation to
it, according to “Russian conversation”.

In one of the schools of the capital took place the presentation of the new video, “Come on,
Russia!”, devoted world championship on football which will pass in
next, in 2018, the year. On a secular party was attended by many stars
Russian show business: Zara, Timothy, Alexander Revva, Irina Dubtsova, Philip
Kirkorov and others.

On his official page in social network “Instagram”
Dubtsova put a number of photos and videos from the event, which
present. One of the photos she told his fans that
Philip scolded her for her “duck lips”, which she
photographed .

Note that many thousands of the public supported the statement
pop king of Russian pop stars. They actively claimed that she is not like this
the way of posing, and twisted lips only spoil her face.

We remind you that two of the famous singer have been friends for a long
time. Irina repeatedly noticed that during the joint tour they
often organize secret gatherings during which they share their secrets

We will add that earlier, “Russian conversation” reported that a photo of the prima Donna of the Russian stage in a swimsuit that exposed her husband has left fans in shock.