And this grape is now who?

The state Duma of the Russian Federation called on the government to impose sanctions against Georgia.

Relations between Russia and Georgia remain tense, after a statement of the Russian Deputy in the Georgian Parliament led to mass protests in the country.

Russia has banned flights to Georgia, now is the turn to the main export products of Georgian mineral water and wine. has gathered information on new Russian sanctions.

The incident with the TV channel

On the evening of 7 July, the TV channel Rustavi 2 journalist Giorgi Gabunia, used foul language against the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

At the beginning of its author’s PostScript program, leading more than a minute swearing in Russian, referring to Putin and his parents.

Shortly after the program aired about the building of the TV company began a spontaneous protest of citizens dissatisfied with the statements of the journalist. The protesters demanded the dismissal Gabunia.

The management of the Rustavi 2 apologized for the trick Gabunia, saying that the host has breached ethical standards and the editorial policy of the channel.

Gabunia act was condemned by many Georgian politicians, including the President, Salome Zurabishvili. She stated that “unequivocally condemns incitement to hatred and verbal aggression.” “They run counter to Georgian traditions and serve only to divide and increasing tensions in the country”, — said the President.

In the end, the TV station suspended the journalist from working for two months, but did not dismiss it.

The reaction in Russia

After this incident, the United Russia faction in the state Duma decided to raise the issue of the termination of deliveries of wine and water from Georgia, and prohibiting money transfers to this country.

“We see that still in Georgia there are Russophobic sentiments, this endangers the citizens of Russia… Those unfriendly actions currently being taken against (the Russians) must have an adequate assessment”, — said the head of the faction, Deputy speaker of the state Duma Sergey Neverov.

The Commissioner for human rights in Russia Tatyana Moskalkova said that he would ask to maintain social remittances to Georgia, in particular related to pensions and support for large families.

In the end, the state Duma called on the government to impose sanctions against Georgia. A statement “About possible additional economic measures in connection with anti-Russian provocations in Georgia” was adopted unanimously.

The document notes that “the open attacks of the radical forces of this country will lead to further deterioration of Russian-Georgian relations”.

Vice-speaker of the state Duma Pyotr Tolstoy, speaking at the meeting, even called Ukraine and Georgia a “vicious people.”

“Only because of our country today on the world map there are these two evil disabled, failed state without a part of its territory — Ukraine and Georgia,” he said.

Tolstoy added that Russia can not just ignore the insult to the President and to allow to speak in such a tone. He noted that it is necessary to leave in the past “conciliatory foreign policy of the 1990s”.

The ban

July 8 came into force a ban on the transportation of Russians in Georgia for Russian airlines, and Georgia — the ban on flights in Russia.

Now it was the turn of mineral water and wine. The import of these of Georgian products to Russia were banned during the war with Georgia in 2008.

Russia is the third largest state in terms of export of Georgian products. Ahead of only Turkey and Azerbaijan. In January 2019 turnover between Georgia and Russia was about to 88.1 million dollars to 10.7% of the total foreign trade turnover of Georgia.

Since the beginning of 2019 from Georgia to the Russian Federation have taken about 3.5 thousand tons of natural grape wine, more than 8.6 thousand tons of ferroalloys, more than 6 thousand tons of mineral and fresh water, 2.3 tons of centrifuge 400,6 tons of alcoholic drinks and so on.

Russia – the main importer of Georgian wines in January 2019 in the Russian Federation have taken more than 4.6 million bottles (0.75 liters) of wine. Exports to the neighboring country increased by 30% compared to January 2018.

In the Russian Federation have been discussing the closure of Georgian restaurants. The head of the Georgian Diaspora in Russia Georgiy Tsurtsumia believes that a possible ban on wine will strike a restaurant with Georgian cuisine in Russia.

Although some of the dishes are prepared from products produced on the territory of Russia, however, there are components in the menu, which are imported exclusively from Georgia, he says. This, in particular, Georgian wines, mineral water, various spices, jams and much more.

“Georgian wine has made an amazing breakthrough on the Russian market after the abolition of the embargo — says the Director of the research Center for Federal and regional market of alcohol Vadim Drobiz. It was the product for the middle class. A bottle of Georgian wine cheaper than 400 rubles, it is difficult to find in domestic retail. For most Russians it is expensive. 70% of the wine consumed in Russia worth up to 250 rubles for a bottle.”

According to experts, the volume dropped will be replaced Georgian wine beverages from France, Italy, Spain. Russian guilt, according to Drobeta not be able to occupy the vacated niche – who wants to drink domestic, and so it buys. The expert stressed that Georgian wine will replace all physical volumes. “The market in the medium price segment will take a significant part of the sweet, dessert wine, fortified wine, beloved by Russians. This product is completely different from that offered to the consumer winemakers Old and New world. The Georgian taste and aromatics to replace will be nothing,” he says.