Affected residents of the destroyed houses

The crash survived the head of a major Pakistani Bank, in mass media. The authorities specify the number of victims.

In the crash of a passenger plane in Pakistan at least two people survived, according to the Associated Press, citing a source in the civil aviation authority of the country.

The Agency Reuters reports that survived at least one person.

In the network appeared the video, which allegedly surviving head of a major Pakistani Bank Zafar Masud, who was among the passengers of the liner.

Also place a drop managed to save several children.

According to preliminary data, onboard there were 98 people, yet all presumed dead. Also, several people were killed in buildings that collapsed plane.

As writes TASS, citing the civil aviation authority of Pakistan, the cause of the crash of the A320 could be a technical problem.

The Agency said that the record of negotiations of pilots with dispatchers heard what the commander of the crew reported a technical problem, he decided to go to the second round. While both runways of the airport were free. When landing, the crew told the controllers about engine failure, and then gave a distress signal.

The plane was bound to Karachi from Lahore.


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