In the Lviv region held the first conference on planning of large-scale joint land exercises of the Armed forces of Ukraine and military units of foreign States “Rapid Trident-2018”, the press service of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine.

“Representatives of the command of the Land forces of Ukraine and military-training mission of the U.S. armed forces, and soldiers of the armies of more than 10 countries participating in NATO and partners of the Alliance on 2 February summed up the results of their work for the week. According to the concept of a series of exercises “Rapid Trident” in 2018 Ukrainian servicemen will continue training together with foreign partners in the actions of the coalition forces during operations, peacekeeping and stabilization”, – have informed in the Ministry of defense.

According to the scenario of the Ukrainian military during military exercises “Rapid Trident-2018” will have to deal with hybrid threats, but also to share with foreign colleagues fighting experience acquired during the participation in the antiterrorist operation.

Pre-planned that the exercise will involve more than 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers, and also soldiers and officers from 10 member States of NATO and the countries participating in the program “Partnership for peace”. Will be also involved soldiers of the multinational brigade Litpolukrbrig.

The exercises planned for the second half of 2018, said the Ministry of defence.

Before the official start of the exercise the organizers of the “Rapid Trident-2018” will gather two more times for final approval of the plan of holding international military exercises and revision joint documents for their conduct.

As reported, in late January the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko by his decree approved the “Plan of carrying out multinational doctrines with participation of divisions of Armed forces of Ukraine on the territory of Ukraine and their participation in multinational doctrines outside of Ukraine in 2018 and on the admission of divisions of armed forces of other States on the territory of Ukraine in 2018 to participate in multinational military exercises”.

In Ukraine this year it is planned to hold a series of multinational exercises for training units of the Armed forces: the Ukrainian-American exercises “Rapid Trident-2018”, the Ukrainian-American exercises “sea breeze – 2018”, the multinational exercise “Bright Avalanche – 2018”, the multinational exercises “clear sky – 2018” and the Ukrainian-Romanian exercise “Riverian – 2018”.