Danilo Souza said that the players fear for their families.

Midfielder of “Dinamo-Minsk” Danilo Souza told about the championship of Belarus in the conditions of a pandemic coronavirus, reports “Tribuna”.

“Everyone in Europe has suspended the Championships. The strongest of the League have a huge income, but still stopped. I don’t understand why there didn’t. You need to watch what you do all over the world, not to go their own way.

We are nervous and afraid because you never know what can happen tomorrow. All well today, and tomorrow nobody knows what can happen. Maybe will start this situation in Russia, when anyone is not allowed to go outside. Within two weeks there were rumors that the League will stop, but there is always a reason to go on, because signed the rights to show matches.

We all see what is happening in the world, and afraid for their families. I’m trying to protect themselves and avoid contact, but in matches it’s impossible. I just hope we are sadly not going to pay for it,” said Danilo.