Playmaker of the national team of Belarus and “Hanover” has shared his opinion about the coronavirus.

Playmaker of the national team of Belarus and “Hanover” Alexander Tarasov , in an interview with “Pressball” has shared his opinion about the coronavirus.

– When he returned to Belarus, was there anything surprising?

– Frankly speaking, was shocked that there is not attached such great importance to the danger of infection with the coronavirus, how in the world. Say that we have no reason to shut everything down and to take tough measures. However, the people themselves must understand the importance and responsibility in this difficult situation. I see that in Grodno there is no understanding of this. Mask almost nobody wears, the distance between people on the streets, in shops and other public places is not respected. If you leave the house in the mask, watching you as the patient. Nonsense! My parents and I try not to go anywhere, if only in the grocery store. Three weeks I with anybody, except them, did not communicate, even with family and friends, which missed. Feared. Still passed through the airport, though, and was one direct flight, still do not know who fly in the plane. Fortunately, everything is fine.

– Are you optimistic or pessimistic about what is happening in the world?

– When you see what is happening in Italy, Spain or America, it is scary. Even doctors don’t understand how the situation might change, and it will all end. No one with such never faced. Are only predictions, and they vary widely. It is important that everyone showed consciousness. They say: “I’m not afraid, I’m not sick.” But you can unwittingly become a carrier of the virus, to infect a large number of people. Therefore, I would like very much to everyone responsible attitude to precautionary measures, – said Tarasov.