Paul Pogba


Sports news: In the Internet appeared the video, the soulful voice of midfielder Pogba Fields of France before the final match of the 2018 world Cup with Croatia (4:2).

“We all know where we are. We all know what we want. We know what path they went. I can see it in our hearts, eyes focused. I’m probably repeating myself, but we are 90 minutes from the amazing history. One game. Don’t know how many matches in our career we spent. But there is one game and it changes everything. History is about to change.

There are two teams and one Cup. For them is also important. Today we will not let the rival to take what belongs to us. We need to look at each other and not let the opponent win. Today, we have to remain in the memory of every Frenchman who looks at us. In memory of their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. We have 90 minutes to make history. Forever guys forever .

Paul Pogba”s pre-World Cup final motivational speech. What a leader

— Futhead (@Futhead) 18 Jul 2018

Want we took to the field as warriors, leaders. And after the match I want to see tears of joy, not tears of sadness. So everybody embraced each other and kissed. Okay?” — quoted Pogba Goal.