World news: the funeral of the victims of the “Newbie” will be taken special security measures.

Monday, July 30, the British in Salisbury will host a farewell to 44-year-old mother of three children, don Sturgess, who died as a result of poisoning with nerve substance a “Newbie” in Amesbury.

According to Sky News, there are special measures to prevent possible exposure of the reagent to come to say goodbye to the deceased.

In particular, as told by the vicar of the diocese Salisburys Philip Bromily, at the funeral, there will be porters: the coffin will already be in place when family come to say goodbye to don. “The family will have 15 minutes of silence from the grave”, he said.

He also said that, according to him, outsiders will not be allowed goodbye.

45-year-old partner of deceased Charlie Rowley, who was also poisoned by the substance, said: “I think that she deserves everything, she deserves much better .”

Brother Charlie Rowley Matthew also noted that don Sturgess was truly a wonderful person and had many friends who cared about her.

As you know, a couple was found unconscious on Saturday 30 June in Amesbury near Salisbury. Police have confirmed that they have been exposed to nerve agents “Beginner”.

Sturgess died July 8, while Rowley was still in critical condition at the district hospital Salisbury.

Rowley, after coming out of his coma, said that he found a sealed bottle, and, believing that the spirits gave the don. She brignola fluid on the wrist.

45-year-old man said he could not remember where he found the box with the spirits, but added that they “looked expensive”.

The Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons came to the conclusion that the UK authorities correctly identified the substance that had poisoned Skripal and his daughter Julia, and confirmed the Russian origin of “Newbie”.