Poland is the only candidate who claims to be belonging to the group of Eastern European States in the UN security Council. The fight for the seat left Bulgaria, reports PAP.

Poland needs to step up to the group of Eastern European States, Ukraine. Cadence new non-permanent members of the security Council should commence on 1 January 2018.

In order to join the security Council, must receive at least 2/3 (129) of the votes of the States present and voting in the parliamentary Assembly of the UN. At the same time, PAP unofficially it became known that Poland in the course of the campaign received more than 129 statements of support from the member States of the UN.

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Today the Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski began his official visit to new York . The head of Polish diplomacy 2 June will take part in the voting in the choice of Poland as a non-permanent member of the UN security Council in 2018-2019.

On the eve of the UN vote, foreign Minister met with the four ambassadors of the five permanent members of the security Council – Britain, China, France and the United States. In the program of the head of Polish diplomacy on the forum no meeting with the Russian Ambassador.

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In addition, Waszczykowski will be one of the hosts of the event-a performance to be held at the headquarters of the UN in collaboration with other countries-candidates to the security Council. Meeting of the Minister Waszczykowski, the Polish foreign Ministry called “the final stage of the diplomatic campaign in support of Poland’s membership in the security Council and underlined the importance of Poland communicates with a non-permanent membership in this prestigious Council, which has 15 members.”

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The composition of the UN security Council consists of 15 States, including 5 permanent members are USA, France, UK, China and Russia. Others choose for a two-year period, 5 States every two years. Non-permanent UN security Council members choose according to the so-called regional key. According to him, 5 seats always have States from Africa and Asia, 2 from South America, 1 from Central and Eastern Europe and 2 from Western Europe.

As reported, the UN security Council condemned the rocket launch by the DPRK and threatened new sanctions.

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