Photo: the social network, the Girl jumped out of a plane in Madagascar

The girl fell out of the plane on Madagascar in a few minutes after takeoff. The pilot and another passenger claimed that the girl unbuckled the seatbelt, opened the door and jumped out.

Madagascar 19-year-old British tourist Alan Catling fell out of the plane. Her body was found by local residents together with employees of security service. It is reported by CNN on Thursday, August 8.

The girl was on the plane along with another passenger and a pilot. After boarding the plane she didn’t say a word. After 5-6 minutes of flight she unbuckled the seatbelt, opened the door and jumped out.

Another passenger managed to grab her ankle and held her, until this was noticed by the pilot. When he realized it, he tried to close the door, but he couldn’t, as both girls were in the doorway.

Then he tried to hold out a girl while the plane was left without control, but in the end they did not deter Alan, and she flew down. The pilot and passenger said that the girl didn’t even scream when she went down.

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