Law enforcement officers on January 31 by order of the commander of the operation unified forces carried out preventive activities on the territory of five villages on the demarcation line near Mariupol.

“The testing was aimed at improving the safety of the residents of the frontline areas. In quickly-preventive working off involved more than 100 law enforcement officers”, – informs the website of national police of Ukraine.

Police worked in the settlements of the Grape, Pioneer, seaside left-Bank district of Mariupol Sopino and Berdyansk Volnovakha district.

“Police seized a passer-by convolution with a narcotic drug – cannabis and tracked down a missing 54-year-old men. Police documented cases of driving while intoxicated and without proper documents… Revealed the forgery of the registration certificate of the car”, – stated in the message

In addition, police found three families who find themselves in difficult circumstances and in need of help. From now on they will be under close attention of militiamen.

Operational status on the demarcation line near Mariupol controlled, according to a press release.