According to the Russian Dialogue, the incident
stirred the village Treasured. It turned out that the police wanted to check
car, but 18-year-old driver refused, not stopping even when
sounded a warning shot. With four companions
raced around the Cherished. One of the police officers decided to shoot at
the car, seriously injuring
in the chest of the youngest of the dashing of the company.

The victim in
the hospital, the rest detained. The situation was commented by the Director of the school where
learn teenagers, according to him, the reckless driver flew through Cherished at a speed of not less than
140 km/h. I can only imagine what happened if in the street were children.

We already know that
both minors from dysfunctional families where they don’t care. They
frequent visitors to the inspector of Division on Affairs of minors.

Earlier, another
bloody history, also associated with the car took place in Yekaterinburg,
only there’s no one chasing a Local resident 27-year-old Ksenia Katorgina decided
sell your Audi Q5м 10 Oct unfamiliar the girl, but the deal never took place.
The bloodied car found on the market, the murderers were soon arrested: murderers already
is wanted for extortion.