The police started criminal proceedings under part 1 of article 296 (hooliganism) of the Criminal code of Ukraine upon the destruction of the bust of Marshal Georgy Zhukov in Odessa.

As reported the press service of the Main Department of Ukraine in Odessa region, night in Tairovsky police station received a report from the operator the specialline “102” the fact that the intersection of the Celestial hundreds (ex. Marshal Zhukov) and street of Academician Glushko, unknown persons damaged the monument to Marshal Zhukov.

On the scene left the investigative team, which according to witnesses at the scene established that unknown persons knocked down with a four-foot granite pedestal, the bust of Marshal Zhukov, loaded it in the car “Mercedes Vito” in black and left in an unknown direction.

After some time fragments of the monument was discovered in the center of Odessa on Devolanovsky descent . Now they are delivered in Tairovsky police station and attached to materials of criminal proceedings. Pre-judicial investigation proceeds. The persons involved in the Commission of specified criminal offenses.

The participants of the destruction of the monument in Facebook reported that thus “unknown patriots” congratulated Odessa on Independence Day.