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Novoaidarskii the police Department deployed 45 officers to ensure the safety of periodicita of votes in the District election commissions (DECS) of the city Happiness of the Luhansk region. This reports the press service of the police of the Donetsk region.

According to a report in Novoaydarsky police Department received information from a member of district election Commission No. 105 of the city Happiness on the possible violation of the electoral process. Member of the Commission said that the results of counting one hundred percent of the votes have already been published on the CEC website, however, the processing of protocols on the voting results at polling stations was conducted.

CEC data 105 County city of Happiness

News on topic: CEC processed 99.3% of electronic protocols

We will remind, on July 21 in Ukraine held early parliamentary elections, according to the latest results of the CEC, the leader of the presidential party “servant of the people”.

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Voter turnout in the elections, according to the calculations of the CEC, amounted to 49.84 per cent. According to the data, the highest turnout recorded in the Chernihiv region – 43,80%, and the lowest turnout is the leader of the Transcarpathian region – 41,16%.





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