The singer, who became a mother for the second time, told how she manages to juggle a career and child care.

Polina Gagarina became a mother for the second time a few weeks ago. Immediately after birth the singer plunged into the work. The artist has to combine work with child care. Recently, microblog, the star admitted that it is very difficult, according to “Russian conversation”.

The celebrity admitted that does not getting enough sleep at night she has to Wake up from your little daughter. “With glasses, because in the eyes of “match”! Night is not for sleep”, – said the singer in the comments to the photo.

Also Polina has posted a photo, which appeared before the subscribers without makeup. However, the followers like the way it looks, the artist, despite the fatigue. They left a lot of nice comments, and wished Gagarin strength and patience .

Earlier, Polina Gagarina for the first time were published together with her husband Dmitry Isakov and son Andrew.