The singer admitted, what name she with her husband was picked up for the baby.

It reports, “Russian conversation”.

Recently, Pauline became a mother for the second time. From her husband, Dmitry Iskhakov, she gave birth to a charming girl. Now the parents are trying as much time to devote to the child, while, of course, not forgetting the education of the eldest son.

Fans are very interested in the question how the pair is called the daughter. Recently Gagarin revealed the secret, devoting a post on his official account on “Instagram”. It is worth noting that the couple chose for girls very unusual and pretty name.

According to Pauline, she and Dmitry decided to name her daughter MIA.

Fans appreciated the selection of star pairs. Many said that the name is very rare, beautiful, very suitable baby successfully combined with the surname and patronymic . Fans wished Pauline, her husband and both children to be happy and to maintain a harmonious relationship.