Ilir Meta

Ilir Meta, accused the Minister of justice and two officials in violation of the Constitution.

The President of Albania on Monday filed a lawsuit against the Minister of justice and two officials, whom he accuses of violating the Constitution.

It is reported “European true” with reference to Agency Associated Press.

Ilir Meta, accused them of “kidnapping” of the authority that the President provided by the Constitution. He said he wants a special Prosecutor to review the case.

In the center of the lawsuit – the situation with the Constitutional court of Albania, which is now vacant, 6 of the 9 seats. Revoked by judge has failed to prove that all their assets were acquired legally and that their career has said anti-corruption regulations and professional standards. Filling vacancies has become a hard dispute among political parties.

Political instability in Albania comes at a time as the country carries out reforms in the hope of getting a green light for starting negotiations on EU membership.

Meta called on March 2 to hold a large anti-government protests, and his move was supported by the opposition.

For several months last year, the opposition has held regular protests that have often turned into violent clashes with the police. The opposition also boycotted parliamentary and local elections, accusing the government of vote rigging and ties to organized crime.

Since taking office three years ago and up to now, Meta has always been an active opponent of the ruling Socialist party of Prime Minister Eddie Rama.

The socialists, who dominate the Parliament began impeachment proceedings against the Meta, which became the first in the history of post-Communist Albania.

It is expected that in March the Parliament will present a report that will probably include asking for the resignation of the President.