“Poltava terrorist” Roman Skripnik, discovered night during a police RAID, threatening with a grenade again took hostage a police officer, but was shot by soldiers of the CORD, said Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko.

“01 Aug, around 02.00, on the outskirts of the village of oposhnya Zenkovsky area during carrying out search actions on search Skrypnyk, one of the non-residential houses went head Zenkovsky Hadiach Department police Department police captain of Gum and found the culprit. In the future, Skripnik, threatening with a grenade, took hostage a police officer,” wrote Gerashchenko on his page on the social network Facebook in the night on Saturday.

Gerashchenko said that the police officer had his sidearm

For the purpose of detention of the malefactor was put into effect a special police operation “Thunder”.

“The criminal was liquidated by employees of police special forces KORD accurate shot. The hostage had three seconds to jump away from the grenade explosion. He was still alive and unharmed,” – said Gerashchenko.

Gerashchenko also noted that the offender had the opportunity to perform police and stay alive, but he didn’t take it.

As previously reported, in Poltava on 23 July in the morning, started the special operation on detention of the suspect in the illegal acquisition of a vehicle who is trying to avoid responsibility, resisted and threatened the police with a grenade RGD-5 and took the worker of criminal investigation Department hostage.

After negotiations, the attacker released the hostages the police in exchange for the head of Department of criminal investigation Department of the Main Directorate of the national police of Ukraine in Poltava region Vitaly Shiyan, demanded a car and took it along with a new hostage in the direction of the outskirts of the city, and then went on the roads Reshetilovsky district, Poltava region.

Police reported that the attacker is a local resident, he’s 32, his name is Roman Skripnik, and he has repeatedly judged for Commission of property crimes and possession of drugs. He put forward the requirement – not to attract him to criminal liability.

After the attacker who seized hostages and fled the city was given by police officers car in the middle of the road left the car and disappeared into the forest, hostage unharmed.

Set up operational headquarters, consisting of employees of the Prosecutor’s office Poltava region, General Directorate of national police and the SBU in the region.

The Prosecutor’s office Poltava region performs procedural management in criminal proceedings on the fact of infringement on life of law enforcement officers and capture them as hostages, storage of ammunition without lawful authority (article 348, article 349, part 1 of article 263 UK of Ukraine).