The main achievements of 2017, the Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak calls increase social guarantees of the Ukrainian military, the staffing of the Armed forces military personnel on contract, improving the provision of weapons and military equipment, as well as 65-procentnyy increase in the number of exercises.

“First of all, achieving the highest level of social guarantees to servicemen, including increase of salaries. This is especially felt by a person who is on the frontline, sergeants and soldiers, performing dangerous tasks”, – said S. Poltorak in comments to the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” on Thursday.

The Minister also noted that in the current year have been distributed to 928 apartments, housing 433 ATO, the construction of 91 residential complex for accommodation of contractors and the work is carried out on 430 military infrastructure .

According to Stepan Poltorak, improved staffing of the army – this year APU contract service received 34 thousand people.

“When you consider the figure of last year, we took on the contract of more than 100 thousand people, going thus to a contract army”, – he said.

Among the achievements, the Minister also called optimization of structure and number of staff of the Ministry of defence.

“Over 40% of the units of the General staff and other military authorities given to the model structure of the NATO headquarters, unified structure of military units fighting strength. Before, there were many problems,” – said S. Poltorak.

According to the Minister, now work continues on the organization of higher academic courses on defense planning according to NATO standards and the School of defence management.

“The fourth significant achievement is the improvement of the support of the Armed forces with armament and military equipment. During the year the army put 1.4 thousand new and upgraded models. We are expanding cooperation in military-technical cooperation with foreign partners, primarily with the United States, Canada, Poland, Lithuania. In particular, the canadian government has included Ukraine in the list of countries that allow the export of small arms and equipment,” – said the Minister.

He also noted that the number of military exercises in brigades or regiments this year increased by 65% compared to a year earlier, while the teachings themselves are increasingly conducted according to NATO standards.

“At the time of preparation is almost 670 NATO standards at different levels. To solve the problem of interaction between the security forces, in 2017 were more than 30 exercises with colleagues from other power structures”, – informed the head of the defense Ministry of Ukraine.

S. Poltorak also noted the establishment of the Foundation of an effective logistics system, improving medical support, the successful restoration of the military infrastructure, namely training centers, polygons, and other objects.

“I think the tasks that we set in the Strategic defense Bulletin for 2017, 90% done. And the difficulties were mainly related to the legal framework. For example, are still not adopted a law on military police, which is badly needed. The next year is planned a lot of work. In particular, until the end of 2018, defense Minister must be a civilian,” concluded the Minister.