Thursday, September 26, the United States expanded its list of sanctions on Russia. It is reported by RIA Novosti, reports the Russian Dialogue.

This time Washington has imposed restrictive measures against the company “Maritime assistance”, three citizens and five ships. In the United States believe that this company is connected with another company “Sovfraht” which is also listed in the sanctions list. According to the American side, they all allegedly participated in the scheme, the purpose of which was delivery of aviation fuel in the Russian military SAR.

Pompeo said that the sanctions were imposed within the maximum pressure on Syria. Us Secretary of state accused the Russian company of supporting “brutal war machine” Bashar al-Assad and the supply of oil to military forces in Syria.

Senator Oleg Morozov, making comments on actions of Washington, accused the US of trying to somehow stab Russia for their failures in Syria and the losses in the fierce competition with Moscow.

In early September, the U.S. imposed sanctions against two employees of the RCDS. Vladimir Solovyov then made fun of Washington’s actions. We will remind, Maria Zakharova called us sanctions against Russia unfair competition and urged US not to scare Moscow new restrictive measures.