U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo was present during a telephone conversation with US President Donald trump with the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, according to The Wall Street Journal.

As the publication said a senior state Department official, Pompeo was among the administration officials listened to a phone call July 25, between trump and Zelensky.

Informed about the participation of Pompeo in the conversation were not reported.

As reported by the American media, trump 25 Jul tried in a phone conversation to convince the President of Ukraine to start an investigation against hunter Biden – son of the former Vice-President Joe Biden.

The message given to his leadership of us intelligence. It is at the request of the congressmen was given to them for review. This post of intelligence officer was the reason for that on Wednesday, the speaker of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi announced the decision to start the procedure, the purpose of which is to determine whether there are grounds for impeachment Trump.

At the request of legislators, the transcript of the conversation with trump Zelensky were also handed over to them for study. However, it is reported that this forced them to abandon the coagulation procedure.

Published White house document has been prepared based on the records of the employees of the US administration, were present in the office of the tramp during a telephone conversation with Zelensky. According to the transcript, trump really Zelensky asked to investigate the case of Biden. However, the text shows no signs of threats and blackmail by the us President.

However, the media, commenting on the scandal, noted that the requirement of the investigation of Biden in Ukraine trump is trying to eliminate the likely opponent for the Democratic nomination — Joe Biden on the presidential election of 2020.