GP “Enterprise for providing with oil products” (PNP) urged the security Service of Ukraine (SBU) to unblock the work of one of the berths managed the Kherson terminal.

According to PEP, the staff of SBU in the evening on August 10 went to the territory of handling with the aim of the search is moored to the mooring of the vessel Mriya, ready to carry out the shipment of diesel fuel in the tanks of the company. Provided the court order a search warrant indicated the old name of the vessel – Vilga, with a different shipowner, in connection with which PEP considers entry into the territory of the enterprise and the ship is illegal.

Who led the search, the investigator of SBU was unable to explain what has fuel to the case of alleged illegal visiting Vilga vessel port of Sevastopol in 2015. Since that time, the shipowner of the tanker Vilga repeatedly varied, but with 2015 it became the owner of OOO “Tepin”, which when buying from the former owners received a conclusion about the absence of any claims to the tanker by law enforcement and customs authorities of Ukraine.

During a search of the ship SBU stopped the unloading of fuel and carried out sampling with the violation of technological requirements. The petroleum products were declared and passed all the procedures of customs control.

“The “POP” there are reasonable grounds to believe that illegal sampling is done with a view to the possible falsification of the results of their analysis and continue undue pressure on the company” – are words in the message, the acting Director of GP: jarosław Kowalewski.

Shipment of fuel was continued after the arrival of police officers and lawyers of the shipowner in the night on Sunday, but the evening of August 11 the staff of SBU re-arrived on the enterprise with the requirement to admit them to the territory of the tank farm oil transshipment complex. Because the only document presented by the investigators of the security service, was the instruction of the acting chief of the SBU in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (based in Kherson), the security company called the police that has helped prevent another illegal entry to the territory.

“As a result of actions of the SBU blocked the work of one of the piers oil transshipment complex, as well as damage to reputation of state-owned enterprises. POP preparing an appeal to law enforcement bodies about illegal actions of the SBU and is waiting for a quick and objective response”, – summarized in the message.