Immediately throw construction equipment in the Carpathian region have been affected by the devastating flood areas, provide residents with finances and construction materials to rebuild houses in the shortest possible time called the fifth President, the leader of “European solidarity” Petro Poroshenko during the conciliation Council of leaders of factions and groups in the Verkhovna Rada in Parliament.

As reported on the website of “European solidarity” on Tuesday, the politician said that the decision on the situation of the disaster should be taken immediately, and the bureaucracy, to which the government makes people destroyed by the elements in the settlements is unacceptable.

“Yesterday I returned from the Carpathian region. Met in the villages most affected by the floods. I want to emphasize that this is the largest flood in the last 50 years. It exceeds the catastrophic flood of 2008. People urgently need our help. You can imagine that the woman who bombarded and destroyed the house, filled her husband, they found him with a broken leg, received an offer from the authorities that she was caught that she had suffered, wrote the application about how it’s proven, and they think how to help. Such behavior of the authorities is completely unacceptable. Because she and the children remained in the street and we had to take certain steps in order to save them”, – said Poroshenko.

He gave the example of the international partners of Ukraine, in a short time organized the delivery of humanitarian assistance in the Carpathian region. “I want us to learn from our European partners, which through the mechanism of civil protection within 12 hours. Sweden, Italy, the help from Israel – chainsaws, pumps for pumping water, generators and more are arriving in Ukraine”, – said the politician.

“In 24 hours people should get financial compensation. Within 24 hours the people who found themselves without a roof over your head, buildings were completely destroyed, need to where to live,” – said the leader of “European solidarity”.

Poroshenko urged the leadership of the Parliament today to hear the government about measures to overcome the consequences of floods in the Carpathian region, to adopt amendments to the budget and to organize parliamentary control against the theft of budget money. “We immediately today needs to hear the Prime Minister today to consider proposals on introducing amendments to the budget. Today it will be necessary to form – and people are asking, is the organ of parliamentary control over the use of every penny of budget funds, leaving like this, unfortunately, happens to the budget money”, – the politician noted.

He also urged all MPs to join the initiative of the faction “European solidarity” to transfer one-day salary for the flood victims. “There is no need to pull the blanket over himself, the Parliament also needs to speak symbolically,” – says Poroshenko.

The leader of “European solidarity” convinced that in the Carpathian region need to immediately send road-building equipment and to unlock the destroyed infrastructure. “I emphasize: continuing our program of road construction, which is now called “Big construction site,” only highlighted “widokami” – should immediately have all the equipment that is there – graders, dumpers, trucks, excavators – to throw in the Carpathian region. Today people are completely cut off from the outside world. Building materials should be there tomorrow. And I ask Parliament to support this initiative: to organize immediately or speech, or meeting with officials,” – said Poroshenko

The leader of “European solidarity” also thanked the volunteers who first organized themselves, and sent in the Carpathian region the humanitarian help.





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