The main goal of the Pro-Russian parties, representatives of which are running for the Ukrainian Parliament, is “to promote the interests of the aggressor in Ukraine”, which was impossible the previous five years, said the leader of “European solidarity”, the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

“After the presidential election the Pro-Russian “fifth column” intensified efforts for revenge, the destruction of the foundations of the Ukrainian state, built over the last five years, and the surrender of Ukraine to the aggressor. Now the main goal of the collaborators is to crawl to the Ukrainian Parliament, from there to implement the orders of the Kremlin”, – quotes the words of ex-President press-service of the party on Friday.

“European Solidarity”, according to Poroshenko, it is the team that will be able to resist the revenge “under the dome of the Verkhovna Rada”.

“If President Poroshenko’s presidential campaign, the parliamentary campaign and the campaign in local authorities – very influential, in connection with the decentralization process. None of them dared to run. Only at the end of office Poroshenko, they looked up. Today we can firmly emphasize that neither Applatform, nor with the opposition bloc we in the coalition will not. And where will we – will define the coalition agreement and a clear mutual obligations”, – said the leader of the party during the telethon “Ukraine: Russian revenge or European future.”

Poroshenko stressed that the main goal of supporters of the Kremlin – to promote the interests of the aggressor in Ukraine. “But previous experience shows – any cooperation with Russia is used by the Kremlin as an instrument of pressure and blackmail,” he added.

“The changes that are trying to push the platform of the Opposition or the Opposition bloc is not Ukrainian interests, it is the interest of Russia. What they go to negotiate in Moscow? They go to negotiate gas is the most corrupt product. I am proud that my Directive was terminated by the purchase of gas in 2015, and Ukraine have transferred to the European gas market. Every year in October-November Russia says about Ukraine, Ukraine allegedly steals gas. Every year in December, Russia threatened to shut off the gas. Russia until 2014 overlap of supply from Ukrainian pipes – ending Ukrainian metal from Ukrainian sugar – ending Ukrainian alcohol, dairy products, cheese and other products. What was it? It was the embargo. It was the tools of economic pressure on a sovereign independent state. As is happening with the market of the European Union? The doors are open. From 25% we have now reached 43% and will definitely be 50%, and none of the Ukraine there will not touch! This is our national interest,” said the fifth President of Ukraine.