Over the last 5 years in Ukraine, a policy of revival of the Ukrainian language, according to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

“For 5 years of my presidency, we conducted a very Mature, very low-profile policy of revival of the Ukrainian language policy of strengthening its positions in all spheres of public life,” – said Poroshenko at the ceremony of awarding the winners of the International competition in the Ukrainian language. P. yatsik on Thursday in Kiev.

He noted that during these years Ukrainian language has taken a worthy place in the Ukrainian TV, radio, book publishing.

P. Poroshenko stressed that “does not decrease the consolidating role of the Ukrainian language in the construction of the Ukrainian political nation.”

The head of state recalled that “the volume of broadcast in the Ukrainian language in the broadcast of the national broadcasters is now more than 89% (quota 60%)”.

According to him, the percentage of Ukrainian-language songs in the air exceeds 57%, with a quota of 35%, while in 2013 the figure was 5%.

The President reminded that he signed the law “On the functioning of the Ukrainian language as the state” leaves a very wide space for other languages to meet the linguistic needs and rights of citizens of Ukraine who speak Russian and other languages.

“The law does not interfere with the right to private communication, and I very much hope that activists will continue outreach… the Ukrainian language needs protection, the Ukrainian language requires promotion, our contest today is one of the important stages of this work”, – said the head of state.

He expressed confidence that the first years operation of this law “will dispel all the myths, useless fears of those who have them, because the purpose of the law is completely different”.