Reconstruction of public roads of the state value Odessa-Reni (M-15)will be completed in 2018, said the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during a meeting with inhabitants of the village of Beacons belyaevskogo district of Odessa region.

“I am confident that next year we will finish the construction and renovation of 90 km of road and get the way to Romania and a large transportation corridor that will give a second wind to populated towns, cities, villages which are located along the road. Will develop business and tourism, economy, trade”, – said P. Poroshenko.

He noted that to achieve this result was possible due to the implementation of the so-called “road experiment”, in which 50% of the funds from the fulfillment of the plan by the regional customs revenue goes to road repairs in the region.

At the same time Poroshenko noted the important role in the work done on the reconstruction of highway Odessa-Reni regional authorities .

As reported, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in September 2015 signed the law №666-VIII “On introducing amendments to section IV “Final and transitional provisions” of the Budget code of Ukraine concerning the experiment in Odessa, Volyn, Lviv and Chernivtsi regions financial reconstruction, current repair of motor roads of General use of state importance”. Legislative initiative designed to provide funding for the reconstruction of several roads, including the Odessa-Reni.

Does the direction to appropriate special funds of the regional budgets in the procedure established by the Cabinet of Ministers, 50% of the amount of overachievement of monthly revenue performance of customs fees for customs clearance of goods in the territories in accordance Odessa, Volyn and Lviv regions.