The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed a law according to which envisages the complex of measures aimed at formation of Pro-Ukrainian positions of children and youth of Donbass.

according to “Russian conversation” with a link
the press service of the President of Ukraine,
Poroshenko has signed the law on strengthening
measures of social protection of citizens who reside
the so-called “occupied”
territories and areas on the line

the act makes provision for
support certain segments of the population
in education in the state
and municipal educational institutions.
Support will be provided in the framework
the target of the programme. It should also
to draw attention to the fact that the complex
measures will include full or
private tuition, free
the provision of textbooks, stypendialny
rewards and a lot more . The procedure for the formation and implementation of such measures will be developed by the Cabinet.

the President’s opinion, such
the state guarantees will be additional
leverage the formation of a Pro-Ukrainian
position of youth of Donbass, as well as its social

earlier, the Ukrainian General said that
the militia has enough forces to capture the whole territory of Donbass.